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Welcome to the new Warren Federal Credit Union Element MasterCard Credit Cards. Our line of credit cards simply go back to the basics. Earn rewards on our MasterCard Platinum Rewards Water Card or choose our low rates on Earth and Fire cards.

A credit card shouldn’t be complicated which is why Warren FCU offers:

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MasterCard Platinum Rewards   
MasterCard Platinum Fixed   
MasterCard Platinum Low Variable  
MasterCard Business Rewards

MasterCard Platinum Rewards

Variable rate as low as 11.25% APR*
(Prime + 8%)

MasterCard Platinum

Non-variable rate as low as 9.90% APR*

MasterCard Platinum Low-Variable

Variable rate as low as 8.25% APR*

MasterCard Business Rewards

Variable rate of 12.25% APR*
(Prime + 9%)

*Annual Percentage Rate

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