Platinum Visa

Platinum Visa

We offer three different cards with low rates and rewards that fit your individual lifestyle.

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MasterCard Platinum Rewards Card

Platinum Credit CardsRates as low as
Low-Variable Credit Card8.25% APR*
Non-Variable Credit Card9.90% APR*
Rewards Credit Card11.25% APR* (Prime +8% Variable)

Platinum VISA Rewards. Receive (1) CURewards point for each dollar spent on purchases. The points may be accumulated and redeemed for merchandise or travel. The interest rate on this card is variable, changing quarterly when the prime rate changes. This card would be a good choice for members who want to earn CURewards points by using the card to make as many of their routine monthly purchases as possible and paying down most or all of the balance each month.

Platinum VISA Non-Variable. This card offers the lowest possible interest rate. It would be the best choice for members who maintain a balance on their card and don’t want to pay any more interest than they have to.

Platinum VISA Rebate. Receive a rebate of a half percent on all purchases. The rebate is calculated and applied to the account balance monthly. The interest rate is a little higher on this card, so it would be a good choice for members who typically don't maintain a large balance but like to take advantage of the rebate feature to reduce the price of goods and services purchased.

Credit Card Alerts / VISA Transaction Alerts

These alerts allow you to set up your credit card so that you receive text message alerts and/or email alerts each time your credit card is used. Receiving alerts about your Visa credit card keeps you informed and helps detect fraud within seconds. The alerts are designed to make you aware of purchases made without your authorization.

You'll choose the alerts you want to receive and where you want to receive them. They’re instantaneous! Seriously, you’ll receive the alert before your groceries are in the cart!

How to sign up for alerts:
Log on to your account through online banking. Once your are at the online banking site, select Accounts, Credit Card Statements - this will take you to your VISA account. Now select Online Services, VISA Transaction Alerts - the prompts will walk you through the process of setting this up. 

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